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  • Custom TY Page MailChimp

    How to Set Up a Custom Thank You Page in MailChimp

    Creating a custom thank you page on your website allows you to express your gratitude for their trust in what you have offered. It is an important step, yes, but there are also other benefits that many business owners forget about. Custom Thank You Benefits: Help your new subscribers learn more about you. Offer links […]

  • 8 Awesome Apps

    8 Awesome Apps That Make My Business Better

    As online entrepreneurs, we use many business apps. When choosing a new app for your business it can be difficult to distinguish the good ones from the not so good ones. There are so many choices. One of the lessons I have learned is that it’s SO easy to want to try all the shiny […]

  • Secure Passwords

    How to Make Sure You Have Secure Passwords

    Secure passwords, do you use them? It’s vitally important to your business. As I started my business, I quickly got overwhelmed with all the usernames and passwords I was creating. I had a text file where I recorded everything but even that was getting too long to find anything. Creating the passwords themselves even got […]

  • 3 Tips Prepare for Taxes

    3 Simple Tips to Help You Prepare for Taxes

    When it comes to filing taxes, preparation is the key to a successful experience. Whether you use an accountant, or an accounting program or do it the old-fashioned way, by filling out the paper forms, preparation is imperative. The better prepared you are before you do your taxes, the more likely you will be to […]

  • Your Editorial Calendar Made Easy

    Your Editorial Calendar Made Easy

    Creating an editorial calendar can be as complicated or easy as you want it to be. Here at Brick Street Virtual Office we have a brainstorming session and throw out ideas for several months at a time. We have found that these sessions allow us to share ideas that we may have thought about when […]

  • Helpful Work-Life Advice for the Summer

    Helpful Work-Life Advice for the Summer

    Summer is here and for those of you that work from home, it could mean that kids are now changing your routine. Adjusting can be challenging but with a plan, you can still experience business success. Whew! Yep, I totally agree with that but I’d like to add that not all plans work. Ha! This […]

  • How to Expand Your Virtual Team

    How to Expand Your Virtual Team

    Your business is growing and you’re ready to add a team. It’s important to take the time to really evaluate how you would like your team to work and communicate. Do you want team members that are local to you or does location not matter? Are you looking to have employees or consultants? This one […]

  • 5 Reasons You Need To Put Systems In Place

    5 Reasons You Need To Put Systems In Place

    It’s easy when you are a solopreneur to think that you don’t need systems or processes in place. You can easily move through all the things you do and it’s all in your head. Some day, you’ll realize that your business is growing and you will be putting more and more time in. It might […]

  • Want to Be More Productive? 4 Ways to Declutter Your Computer

    Want to Be More Productive? 4 Ways to Declutter Your Computer

    Grab a coffee and settle in for a little declutter time. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it in the end. Check out these four areas that can make a huge difference right away. Clean Up Your Desktop First, a messy desktop looks awful. And, if it looks awful, it will create a feeling of stress or dread […]

  • How to Complete Your Business Bucket-List

    How to Complete Your Business Bucket-List

    Businesses can ebb and flow just like the tide. Almost every business has a time of year when things just get slow, even if it is only for a few days or weeks. While it may be tempting to bask in the time when you aren’t running around, you should consider taking advantage of that […]