Have you been preparing for summer? It’s going to be here soon! One of the best ways to free up time is to automate the systems in your business. Of course, there are ways to connect lots of systems together, but that can be complicated. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to make your life easier and free up time immediately using scheduling.

How to Maximize Your Time with Scheduling

If you aren’t using these 3 ways to automate your scheduling, consider getting them up and running.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Your business uses systems, why not find ways for those systems to really work for you? One simple solution would be to automate scheduling appointments. Use an online calendar to automate scheduling appointments for clients or prospects. People can select their own day and time from your online calendar; no more back-and-forth emails. Here are a few systems you could use:

Blog and Newsletter Scheduling

Write your blogs early and set them up to publish when you are on vacation. You can do the same for your newsletters.

If your blog is a WordPress website, it’s easy to schedule posts to publish at a later day and time.  Here’s how:

  1. When you are finished writing your draft, look over to your Publish panel on the right side of your screen. Find Publish immediately and click Edit.

WordPress Scheduling

  1. The Publish panel will expand and you will be able to select the date and time for your post to publish. Once you enter your selection, click the OK button.

WordPress Scheduling

  1. Click the Schedule button. That’s it!

Newsletters are simple to schedule too. Each system has its own method for scheduling. Normally you will find it after you are finished saving your draft. You’ll have the option to Send Now or Schedule.

Social Media Scheduling

Another way to maximize your time is to schedule your social media posts. Now, I’m not talking about ALL of your posts, I’m talking about your planned content. These are the posts you share at various parts of the day: your tips, your blog promotions, and even articles you think your ideal client might find valuable. Then, you can spend your daily time concentrating on what’s really important, engaging with others.

Here are a couple of tools that you can use for social media scheduling:

Remember, nothing can replace engagement. If your account looks like a robot is posting, people will know. So, go ahead and schedule your planned content, but make sure you take the time to engage with others. I find setting a timer daily for 10-15 minutes helps me make time yet not get lost down the rabbit hole.

These simple scheduling automations can free up your time and put some of the basics on autopilot. Even though we’re talking about summer planning, these automations can help you year-round.