Inspiring Work Spaces

A clean work space… It can give you the inspiration and calm that you need in the morning to get off to a great start. So many of us have trouble keeping our work spaces clutter free. It’s so easy to leave at the end of the day with papers spread out thinking that it will help you to get started right where you left off. I have found that it doesn’t work for me. I would look at that pile and dread it.

So, let’s learn together how we can keep better work spaces. We need spaces that we love and where we feel inspired to work. I found this great video on YouTube by Danielle Smith from Extraordinary Mommy. She has 10 great tips. You can check out her original blog post, How to Organize a Home Office in 10 Steps, on her website too. She has many other home organizing tips too.

I love her tip about having a place to put keepsakes that are special to you, like items your children made for you or a special note from a client or friend that makes you smile. What a great idea! When you are feeling stressed or a little down, you can open that box or look at your special place and feel lifted.

I think my favorite tip is spending 10 minutes at the end of every day clearing the clutter. I will need to focus on this one for a while until it becomes habit. It’s so easy to pile up my stuff and stick it on a shelf, especially since I don’t have a home office, my table is my office. My kids want my time, there’s dinner to get on the table and there’s so many other things to distract me at the end of my day.

What was your favorite tip? Or do you have another tip to share that works great for you?