Summer is here and for those of you that work from home, it could mean that kids are now changing your routine. Adjusting can be challenging but with a plan, you can still experience business success.

Helpful Work-Life Advice for the Summer

Whew! Yep, I totally agree with that but I’d like to add that not all plans work. Ha! This year I’m trying a whole new strategy. Instead of a detailed plan of where to work, how to keep the kids entertained and keep productivity strong…. I’m working on the go-with-the-flow plan. Yes, I still need to be productive and find a way to get things done each day so I’m not overwhelmed. This new plan is not as regimented. Maybe that’s so I don’t feel so guilty for not making it work?

Here are some thoughts on how I plan on achieving work-life harmony this summer:

Balance the Daily Schedule

Luckily, for the most part, my work is predictable. I look at everything that needs to be accomplished for the entire week. I place time-sensitive tasks on my calendar first. Then I chunk down my tasks and plan which day I will be working on them. This allows me to stop once each day’s tasks are completed. STOP. Enjoy the rest of the day. Actually, put the computer down and go outside.

Normally, during the school year, I start working at 8:30 AM after everyone has left for work/school. For the summer, I plan on starting work at 9 AM. Just that little half hour gives me time to have breakfast, drink coffee and check in with the family about plans for the day.

Another benefit of dividing my tasks down for each day would be that I can plan for a day off. Maybe Thursday is going to be a perfect beach day or everyone wants to go to the Zoo. Sure my other days would then be super busy, but I would be able to enjoy the entire day with family.

Consider Night Time

I do my best to work during the day so I can have my nights off – especially during the school year. Summertime is different. Hopefully, there will be a few sunny, warm days. I want to enjoy them. Here in Michigan, Winters are long and I’m allergic to Spring. If I don’t get out in the summer, I’d be inside all the time.

I used to just keep working in the hopes I’d finish up early. You know what, that never happened. There’s always more work to do. So, accept it now. Nighttime work just might have to become the norm for a while.

For those days when I really want to be with family and friends to enjoy the day, I’m planning on working in the morning before everyone gets up and moving and then again at night.

Enjoy Family

I’ve been talking about spending time with family for a lot of this post. I think it hit me a little more this year than in years past. My oldest child graduated from High School in June. We’ve been pulling together photos for her Open House and I just can’t believe how fast time flies. Where did it go? How can it be possible that she is almost out on her own?

If we’re working all the time, we’ll miss their childhood. Take the time now to really think about what you want to remember a few years down the road. Maybe some work time shifts will help you make the best of both work and life?

Think Portable

Working from home has some great benefits. Working virtually probably even more. For the most part, I don’t have to answer phones so I don’t have to worry about background noise. If I really want to go to the beach and have a few tasks to complete, I can always take along my laptop and portable wifi and keep working for part of the time.

I never thought that owning my own business would be easy. I also didn’t think it would be so hard. Many of us go into business thinking that it will allow us to spend more time with our family but if we’re not careful, we’ll end up working all the time.

How do you plan on maximizing your work-life time this summer?