You’ve heard it before, some people love their Macs while others say that it’s a PC or nothing. Amanda and I have the same issue. She’s a Mac lover and I like my PC with Windows. While there are many similarities, there are also several differences. Primarily, it’s two different ways of thinking. Here’s our battle…

Had Enough? Friendly Battle of Mac Versus PC

PC – Val’s side of the story…

A lot of businesses use PCs, which is where I started. I’ve always used Windows operating systems and find that programs are easy to install and use. The update issues of the past are now seamlessly handled with the Windows 10 continuous update feature.

There is a huge range in pricing that allows you choices to fit any requirement. The variety of models available make purchasing a PC ideal for any need. I love that there programs/applications on the market for all ages and capabilities. In fact, when my oldest was very young (three years old), he test-marketed new programs for a company. On the other end of the spectrum is my ninety-year-old father using his PC for stock market information, news, and e-mail. Now that my oldest is in college, his PC needs are very different. We were able to find one that fit the engineering/gaming requirements that he has and still not break the bank with the purchase.

Ease of using a PC is important to me too. To close a program, I simply X out of it in the corner. Accessing any programs is click-and-go. Because I do a lot of work on my computer, hard drive space and memory are a plus for me on the PC. PCs in many cases, come with a larger hard drive and bigger memory than a Mac.

In a nutshell, I like PCs for the variety of devices available, price range for any need, ease of use, and wide range of software in the marketplace.

Mac – Amanda’s side of the story…

I love my MacBook Pro and all my other Apple devices. I really like how well they all work together.

I realize that as a past Information Technology Specialist that used to work with only PC’s, I’m probably considered a traitor. Do you know what I noticed while working in IT? The small group of people (graphic designers) that worked at my company that used Mac’s rarely needed any service or help.

I really had my first taste of the beauty and glory of a Mac when I was asked to work on the department website. The graphic display was gorgeous and it was WAY faster than the PC’s I used. Truth be told, I’m both a techie and creative so once I saw all the creative things I could on a Mac, it was all over.

The user interface is simple to figure out. Files share back and forth with all my devices nicely. And, although I do have virus protection on my Mac, it’s never gotten a virus (unlike my experience with PCs).

The life expectancy of a PC with Windows is a maximum two years for me. By then, things are getting slow and parts need replaced. I don’t think I’ve ever had a battery last over one year. I never bought the cheap computers. Being a power user, I would purchase something just below top-of-the-line (hey, I wanted it to last two years).

When my last Windows laptop died (I swear the red wine on the keyboard was an accident), I splurged and purchased a MacBook Pro. I love it and I don’t see myself going back anytime soon. My MacBook Pro is close to its 5th birthday. I admit I’m saving up for a new one. When I bought it, I was not working from home. It was just a home computer where I only needed to check email, create a few simple documents, blog and surf the web. I bought the lowest-level MacBook Pro because it’s all I needed. 5 years! That’s a miracle!

It is running slow sometimes and I’ve had several problems with certain applications not working (um… sorry Microsoft, it’s always with Microsoft Office apps). I’m sure some of this problem can be attributed to how old my laptop is, right?

The Winner!

I know you want a clear winner. Really, these days it comes down to what you prefer. Both systems can run various apps for a wide variety of needs. Sometimes it comes down to budget. Macs are expensive and maybe you like new computers every two years – PC would be the way to go for you.

If you are a photographer or into digital creative design, you may prefer a Mac. There’s a reason why most university art departments run on Mac.

When making your decision, ask yourself a few questions.

  • What will I be doing with the computer?
  • How much do I want to spend?
  • How long do I want it to last?
  • What system seems the easiest to navigate?

Good luck!