It’s a new year! Catch the excitement and use that good energy to work on planning your vision for your business. Business owners use many different methods for creating goals and tracking them, but for me, I’ve found that if I make my goals visual, I am much more successful.

Maybe it’s that whole balancing my left and right brain thing? Years ago, when I was programming either in school or database applications at work, I would listen to music. It would help me work out problems in code so quickly. I have a unique broad taste in music but industrial music always worked the best. No idea why. Oh! And, my typing speed is super fast when I’m listening to loud music. Strange how that all works out.

Affirmation-Master of Life

I was introduced to Vision Boards by a few girlfriends at work. We had a great time after work, cutting out images from magazines and typing quotes on the computer. We would share our boards when they were finished. I even had a photo of it so I could put it in my planner and see it all the time.

Vision boards are something that can help you focus on your goals and make you happy when you look at them. I love looking back on my old ones, remembering what I was planning then and seeing all the progress I made.

Adding affirmations to your vision board is an awesome idea. Are you confused? Is it sounding too personal? Affirmations and things that make you happy? YES! As an entrepreneur, a business owner, it’s a great way to focus on your business. YOU are your business! Your personality is part of your business. Vision boards can help YOU focus and bring you energy and confidence – which helps your business!


To help you put a vision board together, I’ve gathered some articles for creating your own affirmations and different ways of creating vision boards.

Creating Affirmations:

Creating Vision Boards:

Of course there’s an App for that!

Try out the Jack Canfield Success Vision Board app (available for both iPhone/iPad and Android). I’ve installed it on my iPad and am working on my board. Check out the How to Video. You can print your board when your done and save it as a graphic.

So, whether the process of creating a board is physically arranging a collage of images and affirmations on a board or digitally creating the same works for you, give it a try! Have you created a vision board before? I’d love to hear how your board worked in focusing your future. Please share!