Businesses can ebb and flow just like the tide. Almost every business has a time of year when things just get slow, even if it is only for a few days or weeks. While it may be tempting to bask in the time when you aren’t running around, you should consider taking advantage of that time instead and work on your business bucket list.  You know, those projects you’ve been pushing off like that e-course you wanted to get out there, maybe a new freebie to develop, or there’s that webinar you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time.

How to Complete Your Business Bucket-List

What’s holding you back? Do you really not have the time? Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Maybe you are just trying to settle into your new routine? Perhaps you don’t know how to work all the technology you need to put it together? Whatever the reason, you should seriously consider letting a virtual assistant help you pull things together and keep you on track.

Here are just a few things that we can help you accomplish:


Take advantage of your downtime and get your processes in order. You chose that one app because it linked to your email marketing software, but did you actually set it up? A virtual assistant can help! We can…

  • Evaluate your processes and find ways to streamline
  • Set up integrations between your systems
  • Set up Zaps or IFTTT’s for those apps that don’t have integrations

Lead Magnets

Email signups slowing down? It might be time to refresh your lead magnet or create a completely new one. Let us…

  • Take your notes and pull together a beautiful, branded PDF to offer.
  • Edit and upload your video for your landing page or lead magnet delivery.
  • Create a snappy branded email template for your auto-responder series


Are you trying to get an e-course developed but never find the time to actually do it? Let us help you cross that off your bucket-list. We would love to. . .

  • Take your notes and write up a course outline
  • Create a project schedule so you can work the plan in small chunks
  • Format each module’s content into a branded email, video and/or handout
  • Set up email delivery of your e-course
  • Set up your Membership site for your e-course

Webinars and Workshops

It’s been on your bucket-list for a while, but there are so many pieces of the puzzle to put together. Remember small steps help things get done! Break the project down into smaller pieces and you’ll be making progress in no time. We can help put that puzzle together. Let us…

  • Create an outline
  • Create your presentation
  • Schedule your webinar
  • Create a landing page for your webinar/workshop
  • Ensure that your webinar registrations update your email marketing list
  • Promote your webinar or workshop across social media
  • Create auto-responder emails so attendees receive your handouts and reminders before your webinar
  • Create auto-responder emails to send your attendees the webinar recording and any files you want to share after your webinar

As with anything, a huge mountain-sized list can be overwhelming. Choose one area to work on at a time. Pretty soon that “down-time” will become “action-time.” Remember, if you get stuck, reach out; we can help.

So, what do you need help checking off your bucket-list today?