• Why You Need a Digital Detox

    Why You Need a Digital Detox

    Digital detox? Yes, chances are you really, really do. We spend too much time connected to electronics. We have our smartphones, tablets and laptops. Even the television is an electronic. Too much time on electronics dulls our senses, gives us headaches, and allows real life to pass us by. Give yourself some time to enjoy […]

  • 5 Strategies to Rock Your Work-Life Balance

    5 Strategies to Rock Your Work-Life Balance

    Finding work-life balance is an ongoing challenge for entrepreneurs. You’re putting in lots of time getting your business off the ground. There’s social media to set up and manage, your website to perfect, business documents to create and that’s just the start. When you’re up and running you have clients to serve. Doing your best is […]

  • 3 Ways to Take Time for Yourself

    As a small business owner, it is important to take time for yourself. Sometimes you just need to step away, take time to enjoy life and you’ll find that you’ll come back with more energy and ready to take on new challenges. Go for a Walk Going for a walk not only will give you […]