One of the questions I’m frequently asked is whether I like Google Drive or OneDrive better. Actually, I like them both. For me, I find that both options allow me to easily save various file types. So, before I can help a client, or a friend, determine which one is best for them I need to ask the following questions:

Which is Better Google Drive or OneDrive?

What types of files do you create?

Google Drive and OneDrive both allow you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations; however, if you would like to create drawings or online forms, Google Drive might be the best for you.

Do you need advanced document or spreadsheet features?

While both Google Drive and OneDrive allow you to create documents and spreadsheets, only the full version of Microsoft Office will allow you to use advanced features. In that case, you’ll need those applications on your hard drive, meaning you’ll need either an Office 365 subscription or a purchase of Microsoft Office. While Google Docs, Sheets and Slides do not have an advanced version, you can find several apps that add that functionality.

If advanced features aren’t what you need, then either Google Drive or OneDrive will work great for you. It may come down to logistics like the amount of free space provided, or simply which program is easiest for you to use. It is important to note that OneDrive allows you to open your files in the full version right from there, meaning you can edit on your hard drive and it will save it in OneDrive. That’s a great feature!

Do you need to collaborate with someone?

While both options claim that you can collaborate. For purposes of this section, I’m referring to two or more people editing a file at the same time. I have found that Google Drive does this best. Our cursors show up in different colors as we work together on the document.

In OneDrive, I’ve found that two people in the same file create multiple versions of the file. Nothing kills productivity more than having to review two copies of the same file for edits and then having to create a third version that combines all the edits.

Still, having trouble deciding? Here is an article that goes into more detail by BackupReview – Google Drive vs OneDrive: Head-To-Head Comparison

As with most apps these days it mostly comes down to what is the simplest for you to use at a price you are willing to pay. But, don’t forget that options like advanced features or real-time collaboration are nice too. Which do you prefer – Google Drive or OneDrive?