I'm Amanda Norris,
Process and Systems Consultant for Women Entrepreneurs.

Often times soul-centered entrepreneurs love working with their clients but dread the all the details and work it takes to onboard new clients and deliver materials – not to mention managing the finances and other business tasks.

Reaching that business-growth plateau can be frustrating. Moving back into growth often requires finding efficient ways to manage all those business details. Many experts say that you need to automate everything but that sounds EXHAUSTING.

If you are:

Take a breath…

You can find the happy balance between the tech and creating efficient systems in your business. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Not all businesses need all the shiny bells and whistles. Not everything needs to be automated.

I'm Amanda Norris,
Process and Systems Consultant for Women Entrepreneurs.

Amanda Norris

I help women entrepreneurs simplify and streamline their businesses by finding the right balance between optimization and technology.

I will help you set your business up to run without all the chaos… using as much or little tech as you want. I will create systems that work for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

I want to help women business owners to find JOY in their business without the headaches of keeping all the details in their heads (or sticky notes on their computers).

After many years of working in corporate, I decided that I never wanted to go back. No more politics. No more life-draining work where I felt like a monkey warming a chair.

I did the stay-at-home mom thing for a while and I loved it. But, I also yearned to use my information technology skills in some way. And… maybe get out, travel and explore.

I started my own business. I tried all the tools and love shiny objects. (WHERE?!)

And then I had all to reel it back in… Changing systems all the time results in no progress.

My business grew and I went through growing pains. I learned the hard way that keeping all the process in my head didn’t help me add team members. I didn’t have time to train them.

Yes, I am totally into the tech and putting automation to work but I have learned that doesn’t work for everyone. I love helping women entrepreneurs cut through the fear of technology and find personalized solutions that balance.

My Core Values





Stop the frustration. Stop the overwhelm.

You’ll be saying, “I should have done this sooner!”

Take the simple route and book a chat with me.

When chaos and overwhelm are taking over, it's time to simplify and streamline. Are you ready to grow?

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